About Balaji Shankar

Doodle Soap is the brainchild of Balaji Shankar. 

After doing a partial PhD in Pure Mathematics from IISc Bangalore(1986-88), Balaji Shankar has been an entrepreneur(1990-96), software project manager (working in Singapore and Australia)(1998-2002), organic farmer(2003- now), Linux administrator (2003-2016) and editor of Thalanmai (2012- 2016)- (a Tamil monthly dedicated to alternate living and organic farming - it is now defunct, but you can read it online at https://kaani.org)).

At 58, Balaji Shankar is now focusing on earning his living by his own physical labour. Deeply influenced by Tolstoy and Gandhi and convinced that everything except labour is indirect exploitation, Balaji has chosen to make handmade soaps to make a living!

He makes all his soaps himself, without employing anyone.

He has been featured in the press many times and also featured in the film "Economics of Happiness" by ISEC 







Doodle Soap is an initiative of Balaji Shankar. You can read more about him in our About page in the menu above!